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With the OnGrid Tool, I can

  • Be completely portable with stand-alone operation
  • Keep track of our leads and the sales team's progress with a web interface
  • Go deep and change every variable, or stay at the top level and do a quick analysis
  • Choose from a huge library of proposal templates or design my own custom proposal
  • Create a quote in seconds


Who's it for? Anyone selling residential and commercial solar (including large commercial).

What's it do? Shows you the best possible rate schedule and system size for your customers, ensuring they get the most bang for their buck. Presents utility savings and economics through a wide variety of fully-editable proposal templates. And a lot more.

How's it different? Spreadsheet app means calculations are lightning fast, and the show goes on without internet. It's been vetted by top-performing solar sales pros since's solid. It respects your intelligence and your customers' intelligence. Deeply customizable and navigable (we don't like step-by-step forms).

How's OnGrid different? We're solar people first, software people second. The OnGrid Tool began as a tool to help OnGrid sell solar. We teach solar sales and economics around the country. We're in the solar industry for the long-haul, and we're committed to your success.

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OnGrid Tool Praise

Picture of OnGrid Tool user Dane Glueck  

"Our customers trust and understand our solar financial analysis through our OnGrid Tool proposals."

Dane Glueck  -  StraightUp Solar  (MO)
NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional

Picture of OnGrid Tool user Karin Poelstra  

"Having tried many others on the market, we found the OnGrid Tool to be the most precise and robust software. We've been using it since 2008."

Karin Poelstra  -  CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc.  (CA)
NABCEP Certified PV Technical Sales Professional

Picture of OnGrid Tool user Bill Wallerstein  

"The power and flexibility of the OnGrid Tool was obvious from the first time we saw it, and the customer support is outstanding."

Bill Wallerstein  -  Yankee Solar Energy  (NY)
NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional
NABCEP Certified PV Technical Sales Professional

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