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OnGrid Tool Features


Quickly create professional sales proposals and documents presenting key financial and technical information to your customers. Choose from numerous pre-built proposal page designs or easily customize them with the text, formatting, and graphics of your choice.

System Sizing

The OnGrid Tool can automatically size a solar system based on your customer's electric bill, site characteristics, module and inverter type, and other factors.

Financial Analysis

Leverage the financial analysis powerhouse behind Andy Black's renowned solar-industry workshops. Show your customer a variety of financial metrics and comprehensive timelines.


No capital? No worries. Show your customers different financing options and let them choose what's best for them. Model annual and cumulative cash flows encompassing savings, incentives, financing payments, and more.

System Pricing

Strike the perfect balance between profitability and competitiveness using the OnGrid Tool's interactive pricing table. Start with the out-of-the-box pricing template or leverage powerful tools to build your own pricing model.

Rates and Incentives

The OnGrid Tool includes updated electric rate schedules and PV incentives for all U.S. states and territories, Mexico, and parts of Canada. We carefully interpret tariff books and many other resources to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Team Collaboration

With the companion OnGrid Sky web app, share customer data with anyone on your team, and easily collaborate on the latest projects. Manage a sales team efficiently with a feature-rich web-based control panel.

Offline Operation

Based in Excel, the OnGrid Tool doesn't need an internet connection. Want to create a proposal in the field with no Wi-Fi or cellular? No problem, the OnGrid Tool has you covered. Of course, you'll get all the latest updates automatically when you are internet connected.

User Support

We offer introductory walk-throughs, live phone support, and free twice-weekly conference calls. Our team is ready to help you with any questions about the OnGrid Tool, and any questions on making the most compelling sales presentation.

Much More!

There are way too many other time-saving features to highlight here. Get a free OnGrid Tool trial, schedule a free walk-through, and let the grand tour continue!


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