FAQ Before You Try It

I can use it offline? Does that mean it's an Excel spreadsheet?


Why a spreadsheet?

The direct answer is that we weren't software developers when we started building it in 2001. We were enthusiastic solar geeks, and solar geeks in the early 2000s used spreadsheets.

Since 2001, we've leveraged the depth and power of Excel to turn the OnGrid Tool into a weight-lifting champion amongst spreadsheets. We built a supporting code framework to create a real software experience.

Why should I use the OnGrid Tool instead of an internet-based option?

The OnGrid Tool isn't for everyone. And a few of the internet-based solar proposal tools are pretty legit.

A strength of the OnGrid Tool is that it gives you the benefits of a spreadsheet (control, flexibility, insight) without the hassle of setting up and maintaining the core stuff.

Another strength is the quality of financial modeling. We take that very seriously, and work hard to keep the underlying calculation engine solid and current.

Is anyone else still using spreadsheets in year 2016?

According to this NPR Planet Money podcast, the spreadsheet is still the go-to tool on Wall Street. Because it's an awesomely powerful and flexible space for financial analysis.

Which Excel versions will it work in?

PC: Excel 2007 and later, 32 bit or 64 bit Excel (32 bit recommended)
Mac: Excel 2011 (we're working on Excel 2016 compatibility!)

What if I need to share data with the team and between computers?

We built internet software for that. It's called OnGrid Sky and it's included with your OnGrid Tool subscription.

How's Your User Support?

We give you real answers, and take responsibility if the software fails you. The user support team is also the software development team.

We're available by phone and email from 8am to 12pm Pacific, Monday through Friday (we're focused on improving your software in the afternoons). There are no phone trees — your call goes directly to whoever's on support that day.

We also hold group support calls every Tuesday and Thursday.

We have support articles and videos here (we need to update some of the articles).

All in all, we think our user support is pretty good!